Clarify the Mechanism of Thromboembolism: Measurement, Imaging and Quantitative Analysis of Thrombus Formation in Artificial Vessels

Project Gist

Challenging to visualize the invisible mechanisms


venous thrombosis, thromboembolism, mathematical model, microfluidic device

Background, Purpose, and Project Achievements

Thromboembolism is a major risk for sudden death. Prevention of it is hard because the underlying mechanism is unknown. Some studies have reported rheological findings in artery models but there are few previous studies modeling human veins. So, we made a micro flow channel device to visualize and quantify the venous thrombus formation. The aim is to extract element of randomness and reproducibility in the convective reaction-diffusion system from a rheological point of view.

Future Prospects

Our next aim is to extract physical elements of randomness and reproducibility of venous thrombus formation as convective reaction-diffusion system.


Challenging to prevention of sudden death
Challenging to prevention of sudden death
Various people join us
Various people join us

Principal Investigator

MURAI Toshiya

・MURAI Toshiya
・Graduate School of Medicine
・You may be surprised that psychiatrists research mathematics or rheology like in this study. But every our member is so unique and free from stereotyped ideas that his/her scope of interests is as wide as all of traditional medicine and then some. There are always a variety of scientific topics around us. We are making efforts to lead most advanced medical sciences and to promote people's health.