FY2014 SPIRITS Project Achievements and Future Prospects List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department Principal Investigator Project
Graduate School of Letters KODAMA Satoshi Establishing an interdisciplinary bioethics research and education network with Kyoto University as the hub
Graduate School of Medicine IMANAKA Yuichi To Establish The Center for Designing Social Systems
Graduate School of Biostudies KUMETA Masahiro Gene response to the physical stimuli
Graduate School of Biostudies MATSUDA Michiyuki Visualization and control of cell function in living mice
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere FURUMOTO Jun-ichi Resilient community buildings to mitigate disasters by gusty wind, “Hira Oroshi”, based on its numerical forecasting and comprehensive communication systems
Center for Ecological Research TAKABAYASHI Junji Atomospheric-ecological-physiological metabolisms and functions of plant volatiles that drive symbiotic biosphere: from gene to earth

International Type

Department Principal Investigator Project
Graduate School of Leters ASHIDA Hiroshi Kyoto-Bristol collaboration on human visual perception and attention
Graduate School of Science AOYAMA Hideaki Big Data-based Business Cycle Analysis over Multi-Layered Economic Network
Graduate School of Science OYAMA Tokitaka Construction of an international research network for duckweed and scheme for the application to water environmental improvement
Graduate School of Science KAGIYAMA Tsuneomi  Japan-Taiwan Research Collaborations and Networking on Volcanic-Geothermal Activities and Mitigation of Volcanic Disasters
Graduate School of Science KAWAI Hikaru The unification of the Standard Model and the Planck scale in particle physics
Graduate School of Science TAMURA N. Minoru International base formation of new integrated plant sciences at Kyoto University, developed from the Kyoto–Bristol Symposium
Graduate School of Engineering IMAHORI Hiroshi Creation of Bio-Inspired, Non-Biological Mesoscale Hybrid Materials
Graduate School of Engineering

FUKAMI Kazuhiro

Fabrication of chiral inorganic materials and its applications
Graduate School of Agriculture TANAKA Yu Improvement of the soybean photosynthetic capacity and productivity through analyzing the dynamics of the leaf photosynthesis
Graduate School of Informatics UMENO Ken Research and Standardization on 5-th Generation Mobile Communications Systems
Primate Research Institute FURUICHI Takeshi Studies for Great Ape Conservation using Japan-Africa Cooperative Research Network and Renovated Technology of DNA Analysis
Center for Southeast Asian Studies ANDO Kazuo Mitigating Cyclone and Flood Damages in Myanmar: Applying the Bangladesh’s Successful Experiences
The Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies NAKAMURA Yuichi Human-Robot symbiotic collaboration over dynamic and complex fields