Research Platform

Everydayness Research Group

We are a research group based in Kyoto University focused on the concept of everydayness and its different constellations. We are interested in reviving the philosophy of Tosaka Jun, Miki Kiyoshi, Nakai Masakazu and Nakamura Yūjirō and how to apply their ideas to contemporary political movements.

Our objective is to investigate in an interdisciplinary way different social phenomena that occur in the field of the “everyday”. We are particularly interested in the formation of popular civil movements and in the microhistories that account for these processes.

代表者Dr. Fernando WIRTZ, Kyoto University, Assistant Professor, Japanese Philosophy
メンバーDr. Nobuyuki MATSUI, Ritsumeikan University, Assistant Professor, Global Studies
MA. Norihito NAKAMURA, Kyoto University, PhD Candidate, Human and Environmental Studies


The stadistic data and information that is used to measure how people vote shows us general trends in people’s intentions, but overlooks the micro-scale processes by which voters reach their conclusions. In other words, it is not just a statistical phenomenon, but also a subjective phenomenon that has to do with the microhistories of each of the actors.

In this workshop, we intend to collectively discuss these marginal “microhistories” of the political myth. This workshop aims to adopt a “bottom-up” perspective by differentiating between “myths constructed” by official think tanks, and “popular myths” constructed collectively by political actors.