Research Support

FY2015: Project Achievements and Future Prospects List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProject
Graduate School of ScienceYOSHIDA KentarohChaos and Integrable Structure of Space-Time in String Theory
Graduate School of Human and Environmental StudiesTOJU HirokazuIntegration of microbiology, genomics, and theoretical ecology toward understanding and utilizing the “built-in stabilizer” of biosphere
Graduate School of Management (GSM-KU)YAMAUCHI YutakaService design for full participation: Realizing foods and beverages for dysphagia
Institute for Chemical Research (ICR)SAKAMOTO MasanoriInvestigation on the gain-of-function process by the formation of nanoparticle assemblage using DNA origami

International Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProject
Graduate School of EducationSAITO NaokoPhilosophy as translation and understanding other cultures: interdisciplinary research in philosophy and education for bidirectional internationalization
Graduate School of MedicineMARUYAMA FumitoClarification of genome signatures specific for pathogenic Vibrio cholerae based on genomic information of the environmental isolates
Graduate School of EngineeringARAKI YoshikazuDevelopment of earthquake resilient constructions
Graduate School of EngineeringYAMAMOTO RyoichiNon-Equilibrium Soft Matter: Glasses and Active Matter in Silico and in Vitro
Graduate School of EngineeringSHINTAKU HirofumiMicrofluidic system for single cell RNA-seq and DNA-seq 
Graduate School of EngineeringAOI ShinyaInternational and interdisciplinary collaboration for understanding of gait control mechanism in humans and animals
Graduate School of EngineeringTATSUMI KazuyaClarification of Thermo-physics of Blood Flow, Blood Vessel and Thrombus using Micro-fluidic Platform to Establish the Bio-thermal Engineering
Graduate School of AgricultureKONDO NaoshiEstablishment of Database of Fluorescence Properties in Asian Agriculture, Livestock, and Aquaculture for 9 Billion People’s Food Production
Graduate School of InformaticsSATO ToruJapan-Netherlands joint development of sleep monitoring technology using ultra-wideband radar
Institute for Chemical Research (ICR)KAJI HironoriAnalysis of organic photovoltaics materials by solid-state dynamic nuclear polarization
Institute for Frontier Life and Medical SciencesSEHARA AtsukoIntegrative understanding of molecular and cellular bases for robustness of living organisms
Primate Research Institute (PRI)NISHIMURA TakeshiInternational collaboration for understanding the evolutionary process of human speech
Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA)HATTA TaichiAn integrative observational study for the multi-disciplinary pain treatment program
The Kyoto University  MuseumIWASAKI NaokoMuseum collections tell you about history of animal and human exchange in East Asia