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Japan-US cooperative research network for optimization of seismic performance and architectural design of large-scale structures

Project Gist

Research network for optimization of structural performance and design of long-span structures


Structural design, Architectural design, seismic design, Structural optimization, Strtctural material

Background and Purpose

Large-scale structures such as halls, arenas, and gymnasiums are important monumental structures in the region, and require not only aesthetic quality, but also extremely high-level of seismic performance, because they are used as evacuation place in the event of seismic disaster. This project consists of the experts of structural design, structural material, architectural design, and structural optimization in Japan and US. The purpose of the project is to develop a new network of interdisciplinary area of research for which Kyoto University can act as the leader.

Project Achievements

A basic framework has been established for collaborative research with the universities in US. The target of research is integration of structural design, structural material, architectural design, structural optimization, etc., of long-span structures in architectural engineering. A project with a researcher in aerospace engineering has started to find a new direction of research of structural engineering in architecture. Further development of joint research with industry is also an important outcome of the project.

Future Prospects

Collaborative research for optimization of aesthetic and structural performances of free-form long-span structures will be further developed so that Japan can be a leader of computational design of architectural structures.


Participants of the workshop by Prof. Caitlin Mueller
Workshop by Jose Araguez
Shape Design and Optimization for Seismic and Architectural Design Seminar, November, 2017
Optimization of Seismic Performance and Architectural Design of Large-scale Structures Workshop, January, 2018

Joint Research/Academic Institutions Abroad


Principal Investigator


・OHSAKI Makoto
・Graduate School of Engineering
・Prof. OHSAKI’s research topics are in the interdisciplinary areas among structural analysis and design, structural optimization, computational mechanics and applied mechanics. His goal is to establish a computational approach to design of ascetically and mechanically efficient structures.