Research Support

FY2019: Project Achievements and Future Prospects List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of ScienceFUKUMA
Development and Application of Fundamental Algorithms Solving the Sign Problem in Monte Carlo CalculationsOta
Graduate School of EngineeringFUKAMI
Novel Plasma State and Acceleration of Particles Achieved by Multidiscipline FusionSonobe

International Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of ScienceMORIMOTO
Understanding Human Dispersal from Africa: Paleoanthropological Study at AnatoliaWakamatsu
Graduate School of ScienceYOSHIDA
A study of the Fundamental Mechanism in the Gauge/Gravity CorrespondenceOta
Graduate School of MedicineHAYASHI
International Research Center for Memory from Molecule to BehaviorWakamatsu
Graduate School of Asian and African Area StudiesSHINPUKU Yoko → KANEKO
Medical-Local Knowledge Research Network Using ICTs for Identifying Effective Health Practices in AfricaWakamatsu
Graduate School of EngineeringKIYONO JunjiInternational Collaborative Research on Long-Period Earthquake and Its Early Warning in Bangkok Metropolitan AreaSonobe
Graduate School of EngineeringNARA YoshitakaInternational Collaboration for Generation of System to Achive Global Warming Suppression and Improvement of Rock Physical PropertySugai
Graduate School of InformaticsVINCENOT Christian E.Assembling a Global Action Plan to Conserve the World’s Most Threatened BatsKuwata
Institute for Chemical Research (ICR)UESUGI
International Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Discovering Bioactive Self-AssembliesIkeda
Primate Research Institute (PRI)TAKADA MasahikoDevelopment of Non-Invasive Gene Transfer Technique for Primate Brain Using Novel Viral VectorsKuwata
Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA)SAITO HirohideElucidation and Regulation of Phase Transition Principles of RNP-Protein GranulesNishizawa

In the priority area of humanities and social sciences

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of EconomicsKUROSAWA TakafumiIndustry Dynamics Across Two Borders: Industrial Studies in Asia and the Development of a New Research ParadigmSasaki
Graduate School of Human and Environmental StudiesTSUCHIYA YukaPublic Diplomacy of Knowledge in Cold War East Asia: International Collaboration and Multi-Language PublicationAmano
Graduate School of Asian and African Area StudiesNAGAOKA ShinsukeFormation of an International Research Network for Creating the Post-Capitalist Society by Utilizing Islamic Economic KnowledgeWakamatsu