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Intelligent metaproteome analysis by biomolecular mass spectrometry integrated with statistical signal processing

Project Gist

Push the limit of proteomics by integrating mass spectrometry with statistical processing


Proteomics, Mass Spectrometry, Bayesian Statistics, Signal Processing

Background and Purpose

By integrating proteomics measurement data using nano-scale liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (nanoLC/MS/MS) with state-of-the-art statistical processing methods, we aim to push the measurement limits that could not be detected so far and to improve the measurement precision and accuracy.

Project Achievements

Through the collaborative works with our SPIRITS members as well as international researchers met at SPIRITS international workshop, we can prove our initial concept that the state-of-the-art statistical processing methods can push the limit of the current data analysis in mass spectrometry-based proteomics. In addition, we successfully obtained the grants from JST-CREST as well as JST Life Science Database Program by the advices and comments from our SPIRITS members.

Future Prospects

We would like to develop the current SPIRITS project further by expanding the domestic and international networks established by this team. In addition, based on our initial works, we would like to open the new integrated field with next-generation project leaders.


Poster for 2nd Symposium on Kyoto Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry Society
Poster for International Proteogenome Workshop in Kyoto 2018
Participants in International Proteogenome Workshop in Kyoto 2018
Poster for Meta-Omics Workshop in Kyoto 2019

Principal Investigator


・Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
・Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University since 2010. He has been working in the field of proteomics since 2001. He has made contributions to this field especially by developing the basic technologies as well as by applying these tools to biology.