Research Support

International Collaboration for Demonstration of Topological Superconductors

Project Gist

Unraveling unknown superconductivity by mathematical science


Topological superconductivity, Exotic superconductivity

Background and Purpose

The goal of this project is to discover superconductors with unknown properties. In particular, we will combine mathematical methods of topology and symmetry, which have made remarkable progress in recent years, with theoretical methods of physics to elucidate topological superconductors with nontrivial topology and exotic superconductors with unknown internal degrees of freedom. We will also propose and demonstrate new phenomena exhibited by these novel superconductors.

Project Achievements

Through this project, we have theoretically predicted various exotic and topological superconductors and elucidated their mechanisms. We found that the correlation effects, symmetry, and topology of many-body electron systems are closely related and that these correlations can be described mathematically and explicitly. Based on the results of this project, we have obtained several funds, including large ones.

Future Prospects

I would like to introduce the concept of quantum geometry, which is an extension of topology, into superconductivity research to develop a new field of condensed matter physics. In addition, I would like to develop new fields such as nonreciprocal superconducting electronics, superconducting optoelectronics, and superconducting spintronics by utilizing the results of our theoretical research and cooperating with experimental research.


Illustration of designing topological superconductivity by utilizing crystals breaking local inversion symmetry

Principal Investigator

YANASE Youichi

YANASE Youichi
Graduate School of Science
Materials exist in this world that is real but unknown. He is searching for novel materials from the viewpoint of theoretical physics. He is a father of two children.

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