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Investigation of nuclear feature with a strangeness degree of freedom by real and virtual photons

Project Gist

To form an international team which investigates strangeness nuclear properties by real and virtual photons


Strangeness, Nuclei, Hypernuclei, Photon, Virtual Photon

Background and Purpose

Matter on the earth consists of nuclei which are made of up (u) and down (d) quarks. Are there materials containing other types of quarks? → Yes, there are. Strange quarks (s) are heavier elementary particles than u and d quarks. What features does the matter with the strange quark have? In the project, a new international team who investigates features of particles, which have the s quarks, by using photons as tools was aimed to be formed.

Project Achievements

Through workshops and regular meetings that we held in the project, we obtained new findings about strangeness nuclear matter, and got an idea for future direction in research. A capability of the principal investigator to lead an international team was dramatically improved. In addition, competitive grant-in-aid was successfully obtained thanks to the results and idea obtained in the research project.

Future Prospects

Studies on the strangeness nuclear physics will be promoted by utilizing the grant-in-aid that we successfully obtained in the project. Unique features would be investigated by using real or virtual photons as tools. In addition, the international collaboration that we built will be aimed to be further strengthened, leading to new directions in research.


A photograph taken in a meeting at Sendai, Japan (December 2021). Discussions with international participants were made by Zoom.

Principal Investigator

GOGAMI Toshiyuki

GOGAMI Toshiyuki
Graduate School of Science
GOGAMI Toshiyuki experimentally investigates hypernuclei which are a kind of nuclei but do not exist stably on the earth. He likes not only exercise but also reading books, playing video games, watching movies, going to museums, temples, and shrines, and so on.

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