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Interdisciplinary Catalysis Researches for Rapid Syntheses of Chiral Organofluorine Compounds for Pharmaceuticals

Project Gist

Integrated Chemistry of Catalysis and Flow Synthesis for Acceleration of Drug Discovery


Asymmetric Catalysis, Organocatalysis, Flow Synthesis

Background and Purpose

Synthesis of candidate compounds determines the rapidity of drug discovery, and it is accelerated by synthetic organic chemistry based on catalysis, flow technologies, and so on. International collaboration was carried out to develop technologies for rapid asymmetric synthesis of chiral organofluorine compounds for pharmaceuticals.

Project Achievements

Catalysts and flow synthetic methods were developed for asymmetric synthesis of organifluorine compounds. In this international collaboration, studies on organic reaction chemistry, which developed molecular catalysts, catalysis systems, kinetic analysis, and so on, and device development for flow reactors are integrated. They opened rapid synthetic approaches to a lot of organofluorine compounds.

Future Prospects

Collaboration of researchers, which worked in this project, continues to create additional studies to connect synthetic organic chemistry to life science with catalysis and flow synthesis chemistry.


Integration of asymmetric catalysis and flow synthesis to approach chiral organofluorine compounds

Principal Investigator

ASANO Keisuke

ASANO Keisuke
Department of Material Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering
Keisuke Asano completed his Ph.D. at Kyoto University in 2012. He was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Kyoto University in 2012. He moved to Hokkaido University as an Associate Professor in 2022. His research interests include development of selective reactions based on kinetics of organocatalysis.–prof–asano–jp