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Study on the impact of smart farming on rural society using systems analysis

Project Gist

Realizing sustainable rural areas by effectively utilizing smart farming technology!


Smart Farming, Rural Area, Japan, Indonesia, Modeling

Background and Purpose

Amid the expected decrease in agricultural population in the future, there is a great expectation for smart farming towards the sustainability of agriculture. However, smart farming brings significant changes to rural communities. This project aims to construct models to analyze the impact of smart farming on rural society in Japan and Indonesia, which share common challenges but have different social conditions. At the same time, we will build a collaboration network with Indonesian researchers and conduct specific discussions towards future joint research on this topic.

Project Achievements

This project was able to establish a network with a variety of researchers from three of the best universities in Indonesia through multiple online and face-to-face workshops to construct models to analyze the impact of smart farming on rural areas and to consider future joint research between the two countries. Furthermore, through this network, we were able to collect information on external funding sources within Indonesia and finished the application for one research grant provided by Indonesian government.

Future Prospects

By considering various external funding opportunities not only within Japan but also overseas, we can greatly expand the opportunities for joint research projects. We hope to utilize the network established in this project to explore opportunities for future joint research through domestic and foreign funding sources.


The content carried out in the SPIRITS project.

Principal Investigator

ONITSUKA Kenichiro

ONITSUKA Kenichiro
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
After specializing in rural planning at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University and obtaining a Master’s degree in Agriculture, I worked in private companies developing software. Then, after experiencing telework in rural areas, I came up with the idea of combining ICT and rural planning, and enrolled in the doctoral program as a working adult to obtain a Ph.D. in Agriculture. My research focuses on developing new rural planning methods using ICT, or clarifying the impact of ICT on rural areas. My hobbies include music and driving.

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