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Democracy in cyberspace from the Asian view of human-being

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For the Realization of Democracy in Cyber Space; An Asian Challenge


Human rights, Democracy, Cyberspace

Background and Purpose

The norms in cyber space, especially those related to human right or democracy, have so far been formed mainly by the initiative of Europe or of the USA. Rather, based on Asian philosophies or political thoughts like those of Kyoto School, whose prominent figure was Hazime Tanabe or Kitaro Nishida, this study aims to build the norms in cyber space regarding democracy or human right. We hope that the norms created though this study, which focus mainly focus on Asian values, will be accepted globally in the future.

Project Achievements

We have held fifteen workshops for the last two years. Many people like researchers, business people or those interested in this study participated in the workshops and we discussed various issues with them. Thanks to those beneficial workshops, we have now deeper understandings of the norms like democracy or human right in cyber space, which will help us construct the Asian norms in cyberspace. In addition, through the distribution of newsletters which put the record of discussions of workshops to the participants or through the announcements of workshops or of their results using some media like SNS or newspapers, we were able to share our progress or problems with many people.

Future Prospects

In order to make deeper understanding of the norms in cyber space regarding democracy or human right, we are now planning to collaborate with researchers from various fields. Moreover, so as to let the norms created though this study accepted in society, we would like to make efforts to construct a system in which each member of society can reach an agreement in cyber space and to let such a system adapted.


Meeting with local governments (November 2021)
Site visits at Fukui prefecture (November 2021)

Principal Investigator

SAKADE Takeshi

SAKADE Takeshi
Graduate School of Government
Professor Takeshi Sakade is an associate professor at Graduate School of Economics of Kyoto University in Japan. He studies the US and European aircraft industry, especially that of the UK during the Cold War. He has recently published British Aircraft Industry and American-led Globalisation 1943-1982 (Routledge:2021).