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Clinical Evidence Research and Social Implementation of SNS Counseling Project

Project Gist

Social implementation of SNS counseling in collaboration with local companies to verify its effectiveness and expertise


SNS Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Science, Community Collaboration

Background and Purpose

With the change of major communication tools, the practical application of psychological consultation using SNS is progressing. In this project, in order to quickly develop SNS counseling techniques and theories, as well as to build a system that facilitates the participation of professionals. We will promote social implementation by actually providing mental health care through SNS consultation in collaboration with local companies, as well as to promote research on its effectiveness and professionalism from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Project Achievements

We established “LINE Counseling Room” to provide mental health care services to employees and their families in cooperation with local companies. The log data were anonymized, analyzed from the viewpoints of clinical psychology, cognitive science, and social psychology, and returned to the on-site consultation. In promoting this research, we formed the research team to connect experts with local companies. In addition, the issue of training highly specialized counselors became clear, and research on the training of counselors was awarded a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS KAKENHI B).

Future Prospects

Continue the operation of the “LINE Counseling Room” and further promote social implementation of mental health care services that support local communities and businesses. We will utilize the cognitive science methods of analysis of clinical data practiced in this project to promote interdisciplinary clinical psychological research based on the latest scientific methods.


Books on SNS consultation practices published based on the results of this project
Flyer of “LINE Counseling Room”

Principal Investigator


Kokoro Research Center/Kyoto University Institute for the Future of Human Society
HATANAKA Chihiro graduated Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University where she received her PhD in 2010. Her field of specialization is clinical psychology. She has been leading interdisciplinary project on psychological issues surrounding modern society, such as ASD and SNS counseling.