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The role of law in digitalization

Project Gist

Thinking about the role that “law” should play in a changing society


Digitalization, Migrants, Platform-economy, COVID-19 pandemic

Background and Purpose

This project reconsiders radically the role of law, in light of the changes brought by AI, IoT, platform economy and other factors, in our society that has been previously premised on capitalism. These changes have influenced the forms of labor, the way of life of people, and the range of activities.

Project Achievements

The Faculty of Law of Kyoto University and the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna have agreed to continue holding regularly scheduled symposiums in the future. Further, this project has led to the acquisition of two Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by its members.

Future Prospects

The next academic year, we plan to hold a joint symposium with the University of Vienna, focusing on social changes caused by Covid-19. We hope that this joint symposium will continue to function as a place for exchange between next-generation researchers.

Principal Investigator


Graduate School of Law
Associate Prof.Shimada received her JD from Kyoto University (Graduate School of Law).She has been working on the equality of wage and control of the employment contract’s content.