Research Support

International joint research for geoelectromagnetic investigation of divergent plate boundary at Afar in Ethiopia

Project Gist

On-land geo-electromagnetic research on a subaerial sea-floor spreading center at Afar Depression in Ethiopia


Afar Depression、divergent plate boundary、sea-floor spreading、geo-electromagnetic survey、geomagnetic anomaly

Background, Purpose, and Project Achievements

At Afar Depression in Ethiopia, we can investigate the feature of a sea-floor spreading center on land. We have planed a collaborative research project among Japanese and Ethiopian researchers for geo-electromagnetic surveys at the subaerial sea-floor spreading center, including aero-geomagnetic surveys with unmanned airplanes in near future.

Future Prospects

Aero-geomagnetic surveys with unmanned airplanes at Afar Depression for detailed mapping of geomagnetic anomalies at the sea-floor spreading center. Geo-scientific field excursions in Japan and Ethiopia as an international educational program for young geoscientists.


Tilted blocks by normal fault movements at Afar Depression in Ethiopia.
oung lava flows at the sea-floor spreading center.

Principal Investigator


・Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies
・I am interested in rock-magnetic and paleomagnetic information from rocks and sediments, and apply the information for revealing tectonics, formation history and process of ancient supercontinents, and paleoenvironment and its change in Earth’s surface.