Research Support

FY2013: Project Achievements and Future Prospects List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProject
Graduate School of ScienceKOYAMA YukinobuChallenge to the unreached domain of the scholarly information infrastructure on upper atmospheric research as testbed
Graduate School of ScienceSHIBATA KazunariStudy of Beginning Phase of Astronomy and Geoscience in Kyoto University
Graduate School of MedicineMURAI ToshiyaClarify the Mechanism of Thromboembolism: Measurement, Imaging and Quantitative Analysis of Thrombus Formation in Artificial Vessels
Graduate School of Human  and Environmental StudiesKANEKO KatsuyaDevelopment of mobile sensor for volcanic observation “HOMURA”
Graduate School of Human  and Environmental StudiesSAKAGAMI Masa-akiBasic Studies on Dynamics of Groups by Analyses of Stereoscopic Movies
Institute for Chemical Research (ICR)MASAI HirokazuFabrication of Inorganic Materials for Radiation Measurement
Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE)KII ToshiteruFrontier research of a novel probe using material / electromagnetic wave carrying angular orbital momentum
Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE)MASUDA KaiPractical Development of Special Nuclear Materials Inspection System for Safe and Secure Society
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH)UEDA YoshikatsuInterdisciplinary research of the ultra fine bubble water
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)IIO YoshihisaCrustal dynamics-Unified understanding of intraisland deformation after the great Tohoku-oki earthquake-
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)YONEYAMA NozomuResearch of Huge Energy Savings Device that Promotes the Separation of Power Generation Activities and the Power Transmission Business.
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP)MURASE MasatoshiEngaging Kyoto Citizens in Creating New Integrated Creative Sciences
The HAKUBI Center  for Advanced Research (Center for Ecological Research)SHIOJIRI KaoriHuman relief by modified foodstuff responding to Three-Phase Desires of food
The HAKUBI Center  for Advanced Research(Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences <iCeMS>)NISHIYAMA MasayoshiManipulation of Integrated Molecular Reaction Processes in living cell
Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research → Unit of Synergetic Studies for SpaceISOBE HiroakiIntegrated study on human in space

International Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProject
Graduate School of LettersMIZUTANI MasahikoEstablishing an international cooperative scheme in applied philosophy with Kyoto University as the center
Graduate School of EducationSAITO SatoruRegulating the mental world: A psychological science approach to human executive function
Graduate School of EducationSAITO NaokoPhilosophy as translation and understanding other cultures: interdisciplinary research in philosophy and education for bidirectional internationalization
Graduate School of EducationNOMURA MichioPsychological study on interplay of cultural and genetic influences on psycho-social function
Graduate School of ScienceSUZUKI ToshinoriInternational joint study on ultrafast chemical dynamics in aqueous environment
Graduate School of ScienceNOSE MasahitoJapan-India joint research project on international promotion of geomagnetic field data distribution and elucidation of space physics phenomenon
Graduate School of ScienceMORI AkiraEstablishment of Asian International Research Team in Biology toward the Effectuation of Nagoya Protocol
Graduate School of ScienceYODEN ShigeoInternational Research Collaborations and Networking on Extreme Weather in Changing Climate in Asia and Oceania
Graduate School of ScienceLIN AimingInternational cooperation based on the study of great paleoearthquakes and decline of the Sanxingdui civilization
Graduate School of MedicineTAKEDA ShunichiEducation of Bioinformatics and Data Mining for Young Scientists
Graduate School of MedicineTSURUYAMA Tatsuaki International collaboration towards novel, integrated clinicopathologic diagnosis of cancer based on physical readouts
Graduate School of MedicineFUKUHARA ShunichiAnalysis of factors associated with schism between community needs and medical academia using epidemiological, economical and sociological approaches
Graduate School of MedicineFUKUYAMA HidenaoInitiative on International MR Imaging Hub — Center for Ultra-High-Field MRI and New Generation MRI —
Graduate School of MedicineMATSUDA FumihikoEstablishment of genome informatics infrastructure for human bioscience
Graduate School of MedicineMATSUMOTO RikiNeural basis of semantic cognition/language comprehension in human
Graduate School of MedicineMIYAMOTO SusumuCOSMO-ASIA study (Cognitive dysfunction Survey of Moyamoya in Asia)
Graduate School of MedicineYOSHIMURA NagahisaMulti-institutional genomic research for personalized medicine to treat age-related macular degeneration
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesOKAMURA HitoshiEpitranscriptome Landscape in Biological Rhythms: Physiological Relevance of Post-transcriptional RNA modifications
Graduate School of Engineering AMEMIYA NaoyukiIntegration of international collaborative research on high Tc superconductor technology for frontier of high energy physics
Graduate School of Engineering KUNUGI TomoakiInternational Collaborative Research Project on Innovation of Desalination Technology with COE of Saudi Arabia
Graduate School of Engineering KUBO TakuyaImmobilization Technique of Carbon Materials by Photoactive Interfaces and its Application to Micro Separations
Graduate School of Engineering SUGIURA KunitomoResearch on corrosion and deterioration of construction materials and strategic maintenance of infrastructures in Southeast Asia
Graduate School of Engineering TACHIKAWA YasutoInternational Collaboration Research for Sustainable Water Resources Development and Water Security in Myanmar
Graduate School of Engineering TABATA OsamuNano/microsystem creation based on nano-bio-cell fusion and its application
Graduate School of Engineering HIGO YosukeClarification of complex microstructural changes consisting of solid, liquid and gas phases governing deformation and failure of soils
Graduate School of Engineering MIMURA MamoruDevelopment of economical embankment material for ASEAN highway roads
Graduate School of Engineering YOKOKAWA RyujiNanosystem Integration by Surface Charge Modification of Microtubules and Micro/Nano Fabrications
Graduate School of Engineering YONEDA MinoruProject on the Review of the Situation of Environmental Risk in Myanmar
Graduate School of AgricultureOGAWA JunInternational research center initiative for physiological chemistry of bioactive molecules pioneering novel health supporting platform
Graduate School of AgricultureKONDO NaoshiEstablishment of Protocol in Asian Precision Agriculture, Livestock, and Aquaculture for 9 Billion People’s Food Production
Graduate School of Human  and Environmental StudiesISHIKAWA NaotoInternational joint research for geoelectromagnetic investigation of divergent plate boundary at Afar in Ethiopia
Graduate School of Energy ScienceSAGAWA TakashiFine-tuned designs of next generation materials for solar photovoltaics
Graduate School of Energy ScienceTEZUKA TetsuoEstablishment of Sustainable Asian Academic Network of Excellences for Sustainable Energy
Graduate School of Energy ScienceYAO Takeshi → YABUTSUKA TakeshiDevelopment of Bioactive Novel Titanium Alloy Implant
Graduate School of InformaticsSATO AkihiroGeographical Resilience Assessment of complex Socio-techno-environmental Systems (GRASS)
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES)KIYONO JunjiPromotion of Earthquake Risk Engineering and Establishing Research Core and Network in Myanmar
Institute for Frontier  Medical  SciencesIWATA HirooProject for Promoting Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration and Human Exchange between Kyoto University and University of California, San Diego (UCSD) (Project La Jolla)
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH)TSUDA ToshitakaStudy of coupling processes in the solar-terrestrial system
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)OHMI ShiroStudy on Seismotectonics in the Bhutan Himalayan District Toward Seismic Disaster Mitigation
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)KAWASE HiroshiJoint Research for Seismic Hazard Map in Myanmar
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)KIDO YoshinobuA study on the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Tropical Peat Swamp Forests and Reduction of CO2 Emission by Backfill Method of Mega-Rice Drainage Channel Harmonizing to Residents’ Lifestyle- Back to the Nature Project –
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI)NISHIJIMA KazuyoshiEngineering for non-engineered systems
 Research Reactor InstituteMoriyama Hirotake → KAWABATA YujiInteraction-based initiative team study for establishing the international research center for BNCT
Leading  Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife ScienceGOTO YukioriNutrition and Natural Medicine on Health: Toward New Therapeutic Drug Development through International Research Collaboration
Primate Research Institute (PRI)HIRAI HirohisaAcceleration of interdisciplinary research projects toward the organization of Joint Usage/Research Center for primate bioresources: Establishment of International Network Center for effectively using primate samples and materials
Center  for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)SHIMIZU Hiromu → KONO YasuyukiLaunching the International Consortium of Southeast Asian Studies in Asia (SEASIA)
Center  for Ecological Research (CER)KUDOH HiroshiEstablishment of the international research cooperative center for the study of plant responses to global environmental changes.
The Kyoto University  MuseumOHNO TerufumiInternational Museum Science Initiative from Kyoto University Through Connection of Specimens, Researchers, and Information in Asia
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material SciencesSIVANIAH, EasanColoring the heart beat
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material SciencesTANAKA MotomuPrinciples of Hydra’s Immortality Using Smart Materials and Microdevices
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material SciencesCHEN Yong To develop a system for sorting and culturing single human iPS cells.
Institute for Liberal Arts and SciencesTAKETO MakotoInvestigation of chemokines and angiogenesis in the microenvironment of colon cancer, and search for therapeutic strategies