Research Support

FY2018: Project Achievements and Future Prospects List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of Human and Environmental StudiesSAKAGAMI Masa-akiCreation of New Tactilogy and Its ApplicationsAsami
Graduate School of BiostudiesCARLTON PeterAn Integrated Biological and Mathematical Modeling-Based Elucidation of Asymmetric Partitioning of Chromosome Structural ProteinsKuwata

Society-Academia Co-creation for Innovation Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of MedicineFUKUMA ShingoDevelopment and Dissemination of AI-Based Innovative Health Guidance for Life-Style-Related DiseaseToyoda
Graduate School of Human and Environmental StudiesKINOSHITA ChikaGlobal Perspectives on Toei’s Kyoto Studio and Its ArchivesTakahashi
Institute for Chemical ResearchNAKAMURA MasaharuWorld Changing Catalyst: a Research Hub for Sustainable Energy and Material Recycle Systems in Symbiotic Forest HumanosphereTanoue

International Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of LettersDEGUCHI YasuoInternational Research Project on SelfInaishi
Graduate School of ScienceTAJIMA OsamuOpening International Window of Integrated Science Based on Millimeter Sensing Technology – Cosmology and Earth ScienceTakahashi
Graduate School of MedicineMINATOYA KenjiDevelopment of Humanized Cardiovascular Xenograft Tissues for Medical Application Using iPS Cell TechnologyNakahira
Graduate School of MedicineHIRASHIMA TsuyoshiConstruction of a Cooperative International Network for Mechanobiology Research towards Integrative Understanding of Multicellular MovementNakahira
Graduate School of Medicine FUJIMOTO KojiInnovation of Physical Property Measurement in vivo with MR Fingerprinting and Artificial IntelligenceNakahira
Graduate School of EngineeringMATSUDA KenjiDevelopment of International Hub for Scientific Exchange in Organic Functional Materials Chemistry Centering on Japan and TaiwanSuzuki T
Graduate School of AgricultureUMETSU ChiekoFood and Nutrition Security for Semi-arid Tropical RegionYamamoto
Graduate School of AgricultureHONDA YoichiEstablishment of an International Consortium on Genetic Pollution by Agricultural ActivitiesYamamoto
Research Institute for Mathematical SciencesMAKINO KazuhisaInternational Joint Research on Efficient Algorithms Based on Discrete MathematicsSuzuki N
Center for African Area StudiesYAMAKOSHI GenConservation and Community-Based Wise Use of African Useful PlantsWakamatsu
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS)FURUKAWA ShuheiBioactive Gas Delivery by Microrobots Equipped with Porous MaterialsOta
Institute for Advanced StudyYAMAMOTO ShinyaInternational Collaborative Studies on Spatial Distribution and Movement Synchronization in Social Groups of HorsesAsami