Research Support

FY2022 SPIRITS Project List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of ScienceINABA MasafumiA multidisciplinary approach to decoding biological oscillations: mathematics, biology, and medicineT. Murata
K. Moriwaki
Graduate School of ScienceYOSHIDA KentarohA new description of black hole explored from chaosK. Moriwaki
Graduate School of MedicineMORI YoshifumiIntial Research of DissociationH. Nakahira
Kyoto University HospitalNISHIMURA TsutomuResearch on the application of space weather forecasts to human healthK. Ohta
Graduate School of AgricultureUNAMI KoichiCross-disciplinary research on olive production to control chaos in societies of the Middle EastM. Okazaki
Graduate School of AgricultureYURIMOTO HiroyaEstablishment of a new research platform for a “C1 Chem-Bio Economy”M. Okazaki
L. Kawaguchi

International Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of LettersCAMPBELL Michael WalterInvestigating the Theoretical and Practical Ramifications of ‘Transformative Experiences’: Towards a Unified ApproachY. Sasaki
F. Fujikawa
Graduate School of ScienceSAWAYAMA KazukiInternational Research Group for Rock Physics for FracturesK. Moriwaki
Graduate School of AgricultureSOWA KeiseiInternational Joint Research on Bio-CCUS for Realization of Carbon NeutralityM. Okazaki
Y. Sugai
Graduate School of AgricultureTANAKA YoshiyukiInternational collaborative research to identify genes responsible for seedlessness of chili pepperY. Sugai
Institute for Chemical ResearchKANAI TsunetoDevelopment of high power mid-IR lasers for zeptosecond particle physicsT. Murata
Center for the Evolutionary Origins of Human BehaviorADACHI IkumaLaunching a new platform for international collaborations to explore evolutionary origins of social cognitionL. Kawaguchi

Society-Academia Co-creation for Innovation Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Kyoto University HospitalMORI TakuyaAttempt to level the quality of research ethics review with artificial intelligenceM. Nishizawa
Kyoto University HospitalWATANABE ShinMedical Device Development in Cardiac DiseaseM. Furuya
Graduate School of EngineeringKOMIYAMA YosukeDevelopment of upcycling methods for post-demolition wooden building componentsM. Onishi
Graduate School of Energy ScienceOGATA SeiichiSocial acceptability of carbon neutral technologies on agricultural land and development of tools to support their introductionM. Furuya