Research Support

FY2021 SPIRITS Project List

Interdisciplinary Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of EngineeringSATO TakaakiInnovation of enzymatic reaction field with nanoparticle catalystsOnishi M., Onishi K.
Graduate School of Energy ScienceMATSUI RyutaroChallenge to the ultimate material science by the fusion of plasma physics and nanoengineeringAsami
Primate Research InstituteHANYA GoroHuman-wildlife relationships and defaunation in JapanMoriwaki, Furuya
Academic Center for Computing and Media StudiesFUKAZAWA KeiichiroDevelopment of numerical wild horse behavior experiment model by application of plasma particle simulationOta
KUIAS (ASHBi)YAMAMOTO RyoElucidate spatio-temporal landscape of blood cellsShida (ASHBi), Nishizawa

Society-Academia Co-creation for Innovation Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Graduate School of MedicineYUNOKI TomoyukiDevelopment of a comprehensive medical innovation program which includes educational methods in the field of emergency medical careNakahira
Graduate School of MedicineAWAYA TomonariProject for the realization of a society in which children with paroxysmal diseases can lead their daily lives safelyMatsuoka
Graduate School of MedicineIRIE KeisukeDevelopment of new treatment technology for children with developmental disabilities through industry-government-academia collaborationShimoshige
Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear ScienceKITAO ShinjiPromotion of Industrial Application of Multi-Element Mossbauer SpectroscopyIkeda

International Type

Department/InstitutePrincipal InvestigatorProjectURA
Kyoto University HospitalTANAKA SatonaInternational research collaboration for comprehensive understanding of immune regulation after lung transplantationNakahira
Graduate School of EngineeringASHIDA RyuichiFormation of a research team based in Thailand and ASEAN countries for developing effective utilization techniques of biomassSonobe, Shimogori
Graduate School of EngineeringALCANTARA AVILA Jesus RafaelResearch on high value-added chemical production and local development through effective biomass useOkamoto, Shimogori
Graduate School of AgricultureMITANI YoheiTowards sustainable resource management: an international, interdisciplinary approachOkazaki, Oyamada
Graduate School of AgricultureMIYASHITA MasahiroInternational collaboration for the development of peptide pesticides using unexplored venomous animals in Asian and African regionsSugai, Kawaguchi
Graduate School of Asian and African Area StudiesKOSAKA YasuyukiTransdisciplinary studies on domestication motivated by smallholders’ environmental and health consciousnessWakamatsu
Center for the Evolutionary Origins for Human BehaviorKONOIKE NahoNEUro-Reactive OrGanic learning enHancement via Omni STimulation (NeuroGhost)Furuya
Wildlife Research CenterMACINTOSH AndrewAdvanced Analytics for Modeling and Predicting Abnormalities in Animal BehaviorKuwata, Sakamoto
Institute for Advanced StudyINOSE TomokoIntracellular NO gas detection with single live-cell endoscopyOta